Menla Healing

Menla Healing is about Buddhism in the West – West (me) meets East (Buddhist philosophy). It has been quite a journey and it is not always what I want or expect. I have had my personal experiences and struggles, significant insights and learning, and growth.

Menla is another term for Medicine Buddha. Medicine Buddha is about healing: physical, emotional, and psychological. I have had the joy of watching my children grow up healthy while challenges with my own pain and limitations. The sorrow of a broken marriage was prepared the way for a deeper and more meaningful relationship. My own fears and limitations have been challenged and defeated to pave the way for friendships around the world. The world expanded and my heart with it.

Looking back and reflecting on the past 10 years or more, it excites me to think of where I may be in another 15- 20 years if I continue to grow and discover how relevant Buddhist philosophy is to this fast paced and outcome driven culture that I live in. We are all human and we are met with many challenges but even amidst chaos and trauma there are also opportunities to discover creativity and joy.

Hand of Medicine Buddha


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